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BattleTanks 8.80 not editable :S
Hey everybody, I hope this thread is at the right place, im new in this forum so excuse me if iit`s not right here !Tongue
Okay, now to my question: if I edit the 8.67 Battle Tanks map everything works fine, i was able to create new shops &buildings, I already created some new Tanks (some based on old Tanks, like Demon Tank 2.0, more tankier, bigger and stronger abilities) and i can create new weapons. But then i wanted to edit the 8.80 Map, because there is already a lot work done, so I added a new Tank and a new weapon. Then I wanted to test them, if they work and the Tooltips are working, but when i tried to start the map, I wasn't able to get it working,  it looks like it starts, but then the Options like bots etc. come back down, if you know what i mean, so i can't go ingame :c Now i wanted to ask, where my mistake is, or if it`s protectet so I destroy the map with editing? Already thank you for your answers !Big Grin 

P.S.: Actually it's boring to make the map while sitting alone in my room with my PC , so if sb. wants to work with me (prefered a German)  together on one map, just pm me and we can exchange Skype Informations or smth. like that :D
Well, I guess you made sure, that you used the Open Source version, right? ;)

Other than that, there can actually be a lot of possibilities for this. The last time I encountered this problem, the problem was the map file name! Wc3 uses some arcane max file name length. So if the path were the map is placed and the name of the map file name combined are too long, Wc3 will return to the game lobby, after trying to load the game. So maybe try to place the map somewhere else or try to give it a shorter name (not the name ingame, but the name of the file in your operating system).

If that does not work, well ... then it gets more difficult.
This post has been brought to you by Sand - it's everywhere, get used to it.
Just to be sure, i got the map here Is this the Open source map? Or am i stupidConfused ?
Does the original version load?
(2016-10-22, 23:18:17)RaptorXI Wrote: Does the original version load?

Yes, as long as i don't edit the map the map works!
Try to rename and save (dont use "save as"). If it still doesn't load you should change your settings.
Okay, i tried it, but the map is still not workingConfused It's not working on the latest wc3 patch and not on the cracked version... Can u maybe send me your map if its working after editing ? Or can you just tell me if thgats the download link? Well, i hope ill get it working, caz on the 8.63 map there is not that much stuff like on 8.80Big Grin Thank you for your answersBig Grin

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