Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 3

Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 3 (1.0 MiB, 466 downloads)
  • New Changes
    • There is now a preparation time of 10 seconds before the first creeps spawn
    • All tanks, weapons and items are now buyable through standardized hotkeys
    • Remade Chain Lightning (Thunder Tank)
    • Weapons are no longer upgradeable, when the owning player is afk
    • Kick attempts in singleplayer are now always succesfull
    • Fixed the kick form performing on an already kicked player
  • Beta Related Changes
    • AFK penalties are now given after 2 minutes of inactivity, instead of 3
    • Bad Stats penalties are now given less often
    • Added an effect for Take Aim (Goliath)
    • Possibly fixed late game CPTP and CP conquer bugs (not sure, that what you are here for)
    • Possibly fixed the endgame scoreboard (same as above)
    • Fixed Cannon Module (Architect) from being permanently stuck on a tank, when you change your tank
    • Fixed some terrain inconsistencies around the changed Strategic Locations
    • Fixed the Devil Fire effect (Titan) from moving with the tank
    • Fixed Heavy Tank Cannon (Goliath) from targetting wards
    • Fixed Long Range weapons no longer firing, when one of them is being upgraded